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About the insane person who draws Zeera

I'm not one of those serious cartoonists. Oh no.

I used to scribble cartoons in biro in my school diary, then show these roughly-hewn gems to my school friends. Sometimes they would smile. Sometimes they would laugh. But mostly they would try really hard not to make eye-contact as they backed away towards the nearest exit, careful not to make any sudden movements.

But now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you too can look at my insane creations from a safe distance.


In case you care (and you must do, or you wouldn't have followed this link here in the first place), here's some other stuff about me:

I'm a writer, and I've published five short stories (Aurealis, Eidolon, Woman's Day, Passing Strange, and a horror anthology called 'Southern Blood'). Iím currently writing a fantasy novel which is slowly sucking my will to live. Eventually I'll fix up my other web site and put my stories online. And nifty photographs of lions and cheetahs and things.

I have just started a two year course in design and illustration, which is super nifty. I have a crazy idea that I'll be doing graphic novels one day.

Every year, I go to the Sydney Supanova convention, so if you're in Sydney around late June, come see me in Artists Alley!

If you'd like to drop me a line or two or three or any other number you can think of, click on my name below (and remove "BADSPAM" from the e-mail address).

Oh, and buy my comic books or I'll cry.

(Delete "BADSPAM." from address.)


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