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The Zeera we know and love Zeera is a keen young space pirate finding her way through the galaxy by trial, error, cheating, and running away. Some of her survival can be attributed to cunning, but most of it should be attributed to sheer, blind luck.

She’s gifted when it comes to technology, so if there’s a simple problem to fix, you can count on Zeera to find the most technologically convoluted solution possible.
The Amazing Mr Poik If you’re about to shoot yourself in the head with a particularly nasty-looking hair dryer, you can count on Poik to rush in and save you from that lethal blast of hot air. However, if you’re not feeling down or in any mortal danger, you can also count on Poik to play pranks on you until your sense of humour wears dangerously thin.

It’s important to have a cynical friend who can reinforce your beliefs that when danger strikes, you’re all going to die.
The Mysterious Meeka Meeka ran away from her home world where the wearing of clothes is deemed inappropriate. Meeka loves to dress up. A lot.

She is a good friend of Poik and idolises Zeera, and will fearsomely defend her crew mates in the face of danger with an emergency-room brand of atomic wedgie.
Garp There are various ways to get a free ride across the galaxy, but if you're a psittacean like Garp, you can always pass yourself off as an exotic pet. Of course, this can result in not being taken seriously. Acting like an asshole can also result in being treated like an asshole.

Garp does enjoy the finer things in life, but won't turn down a good belching contest or the opportunity to drink to the point that opposable alulas are no help at all.
Rupert, the head-sucking alien There's nothing quite like a head-sucking alien to liven up the place, and Rupert is certainly no exception. What's even better is when such an alien starts picking up memories and habits from anyone it has skin contact with. Discovering this fact generally results in people saying things like "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew! Oh no, not THAT."
The fearsome space pirate, Kaligula Some people take anger management classes or meditate their troubles away. Some deal with difficult people diplomatically, and use courtesy when interacting with easy-going sentient lifeforms.

Then there’s the space pirate Kaligula. The mere mention of her name or the sight of her ship will send most aliens into convulsions. Unfortunately, this kind of reaction makes a space pirate’s job so easy, that one can get a little complacent. That’s when an unwary space pirate can end up with embarrassing pictures of herself all over the UltraNet.
Zeera's mum Zeera's Amazon mother is Juno Andromaki. Juno is a well-respected Amazon with the compassion of a saint and the fortitude of a wild buffalo. It is good to have her on your side. Rather like it’s good to have a galaxy-class war-grade laser cannon on your side.
Zeera's dad Zeera’s Man-Azon father, Erikwan, is renowned for his etiquette and formal lunches. As the perfect host, he'll cater tirelessly to his guests' needs, and apologise for everything from the softness of the living room chairs to the terrible state of the galaxy.

However, family members still don't get off lightly if they pick up the wrong fork for the salad.
Zeera's big brother Zak Zeera’s brother Zak would rather forget that his father Erikwan named him Zacharias. Like his good friend Garri, he hasn't taken much to Man-Azon ways and prefers to spend his time in rough and ready clothes, piloting his ship, having adventures and using incorrect cutlery for his meals.

He and Zeera are close in age and get along well, although they don't actually cross paths very often, except at their father's weekly formal lunches.
Zeera's big sister Lulu Zeera’s eldest sister, Lulu. Tall, well-built people usually don’t feel threatened by much, and Lulu is certainly no exception. But far from being a bully, Lulu is a well-respected Amazon diplomat, who will only resort to violence if there really is no other way. And if you’re up against Lulu, you really want there to be another way.

She loves rainbows, flowers, pink and yellow, and wears these colours in honour of her Man-Azon father, who is an extremely cultured man.
Zeera's other big sister Zel Zeera’s second eldest sister, Zel. Some people leave you wondering if they’re the member of the litter who was dropped on their head. Fortunately for Zel, she has a robot arm to catch her, should this ever happen (again). In fact, getting the intelligent robot arm was the robot arm’s idea. At least Zel's heart is in the right place.
Zeera's boyfriend Garri Zeera’s boyfriend, a very dedicated biologist and conservationist. Sometimes an Amazon will do something very brave (and very foolish) for the love of a Man-Azon. And this worries Garri, who has devoted his life to saving endangered dumb animals.
Herbert Man-Azons are known for their intelligence, fashion-sense and cultured ways. But alas, no gene pool is sacred and occasionally someone is born simply to serve as a warning unto others.

Fortunately, Herbert's cluelessness makes him impervious to ridicule. Or to being completely ignored. Although, ignoring him is difficult. He's loud, in several senses of the word.
Gran, The Ice Queen Zeera’s grandmother, a retired Amazon space pirate, is the scariest old lady you will ever meet. And when your grandmother is the former "Ice Queen", it can be difficult to tell whether she's training you hard out of a desire to see you succeed, or whether she really is as vindictive as she appears. One thing is certain; she hates to lose.

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