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Fan Art
The Ultra Atomic Wedgie
I've got fan art! And I want more! More!
You better watch out This outstandingly cheerful and daunting Zeera was a Secret Santa present from Razz of the amazing Legends.
High adventure! Zeera, Poik and Meeka experience high adventure in this funny pic from Agouti-Rex of the hilarious comic Witchprickers. Check it out!
Snow writing Xmung of Magellan and The Bare Pit sent me this hilarious and perhaps cringe-worthy image to celebrate Zeera's 300th comic. Enjoy!
Grandma in fine form Pavel of Future Pig shows Zeera's grandmother in fine form.
Cool and nonchalant Zeera in black outfit Isuki of Michiko Monagatari spoils me with this fabulous Zeera and crew! Plus, Zeera is wearing silky goodness!
Cool and nonchalant Zeera in black outfit Once again, Isukiyomi of "Michiko Monagatari" brings us a very cool and nonchalant Zeera, this time in her new black outfit. Smokin'!
Face swap! Check out Sorka's face swap!
Zeera in a slinky black outfit Pavel of Future Pig wanted to know what Zeera would look like in that silky black cloth that she's holding. Skimpy goodness!
Zeera in her pink Man-Azon gear Xmung of Magellan and Loxie and Zoot wanted to see what would happen if Zeera actually tried on that fluoro pink pirate number on planet Man-Azon! I laughed my ass off!
After Zeera gets laid... Xmung asked himself, "What happens after Zeera gets laid?" Click the picture and find out!
Cool and nonchalant Zeera Isukiyomi of "Michiko Monagatari" brings us this very cool and nonchalant Zeera! Ooh yeah!
Zeera and tentacle monster Richard Karandosh is up to his tricks again, with this rather naughty encounter between Zeera and a tentacle monster. Don't worry, our much loved space pirate is in control of the situation!
Zeera and crew with rainbow ship Richard Karandosh sent me this hilarious piece of Zeera and crew in front of the old rainbow ship. I especially love Poik's guilty look, and Meeka looks ready to take someone's arm off.
Gleeful Zeera with a smoking gun This uber-cool submission comes from Vystrix Nexoth, showing a gleeful Zeera with a smoking gun! I love it.
Drunken singing party Zeera To celebrate Zeera's second birthday, RONE of Shades of Grey sent me this drunken singing party Zeera!
Bad punk Zeera Ohhh, bad punk Zeera! Brought to you by Scum Bunny of Bunny Extreme!
Bad ass Kaligula This is one helluva scary bad-ass Kaligula! With Poik-skull-necklace and Meeka-pelt accessories, this fine piece comes from the creator of Bunny Extreme, one of my favourite cartoons featuring daemon overlords. Go check it out!
Zeera as Trinity And here is the infamous "Zeera posing as Trinity from The Matrix", courtesy of the infamous Mr Dan. Dan believes there should be more fart jokes on Zeera.
Dan the man This most excellent fan art comes complete with a bad ass Poik, also courtesy of Dan York. He tells me he's "only a student animator". Bollocks, Dan. ;-) That's some great stuff!
JenZyren Check out this fabulous fan art by Jen Zyren, who drew this for Zeera's first birthday (Sept 2002). I love it!
Jen has a web site here.
Ally Boo This one is from Ally Boo, who has a cartoon called
Ms Matchers. Check it out!
Brian is a funny guy! And this one is from my good friend Brian.
It's a cackle!
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