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My Fan Art
These are guest comics and fan art that I did for other people.
Some of them won't make sense unless you're familiar with the comics they relate to.
Hee hee, too bad!

Keenlace 2007 Here is my contribution for the 2007 Keenlace: click here!
Grace emerges from the heavenly pool Rone of Shades of Grey had a competition to launch Volume #1 of her comic. I created this picture, using a combination of 3D and Photoshop, of the character Grace as she emerges from the heavenly pool (as an angel). Look at the bottom of the fan art page for "Grace emerges from the heavenly pool". Otherwise, you can go directly to the picture here.
Afraid of Fire Rone had another competition to launch Volume #2 of Shades of Grey, so once again I entered. I used 3D as reference, but drew the picture and scanned it, then coloured it in Photoshop. You can find "Afraid of Fire" here on Rone's site, or open it here.
Zeera, Poik and Meeka at a naturist resort I did this piece for Xmung of Loxie and Zoot. Zeera, Poik and Meeka visit the Koala Bay Bares naturist resort! You know what naturist means, right? (Not safe for work!)
Just shy, ok? I also did this one for Xmung. He created some mini-scripts with minor characters from his comic, and various people jumped in to draw one. I took this one, called "Just shy, ok?" about one woman with some hang-ups about nudity!
What happened to Despair
Grey gets conjured
I love Shades of Grey, a comic about a woman in the afterlife who experiences both Heaven and Hell. It's not a comedy, but I'm a silly kind of person, so I've sent two funny pieces to Rone, the comic's creator.

Look on her fan art page for 'NoemZ' twice... "What happened to Despair" (a character in Hell who was left passed out in a night club) and "Grey gets conjured" (what happens when kids mess with the Necronomicon). Enjoy!
Epona I think this was my first fan art, which I sent to Timmerryn of The Pantheon, a hilarious comic about what all the gods get up to. I'm a big fan of Epona, so here she is. (Link goes to Timmerryn's fan art page.)
Zeera thanks Ghastly Once upon a time, my vanity led me to advertise Zeera on Ghastly's Ghastly Comic (Warning! Not safe for work!) As a result, Zeera got so many hits that I made this picture for Ghastly. It involves form-fitting black leather, fishnet stockings, stiletto heels, a bouquet of tentacles, and a whip. Yeah. You've already clicked it. Perv!
Female Chongahti Another of my favourite comics is Nine Swords (which, alas, is down but I still link to the site out of misguided loyalty, or something). I gave 'Ess' a picture of a female Chongahti. The Chongahti are wolf-like people, trained to kill Dahmiel, a vampire-like race that preys on humans. The Chongahti kick ass! (Image is linked locally.)
Guest comic 1
Guest comic 2
Ess of Nine Swords had a hiatus, so a few of his fans sent in guest comics. My first one depicts the two main characters, a Chongahti and a Dahmiel (who hate each other's guts), plus Lady Random, or the goddess of Chaos (and why you shouldn't piss her off!)

The second comic shows what happens when Zeera encounters a hungry Dahmiel. This is when it's good to have friends!
Explosives up your sleeves I did this guest comic for Mixed Myth, which is a fabulous fantasy parody. Mixed Myth is a completed graphic novel online, full of incredible ideas and some very funny moments, so go read it! My comic features two of the main characters, one of whom has a habit of keeping explosives up her sleeves.
How not to start a webcomic How Not to Run a Webcomic is a site created by Comic Genesis people, to illustrate... well, how not to run your web comic. How not to introduce a character, how not to do romance, etc. My first contribution was to the theme, "How not to introduce the plot". Enjoy!
How not to do filler 1 I couldn't stop there, so I also submitted a comic on "How not to do filler".
How not to do filler 2 And another one!
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