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Supanova 2005

I went to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney on 14th-16th October 2005.

I shared a table (Table Eeeeeee) in Artists' Alley with Xmung of Magellan and Loxie and Zoot,
and Timmerryn of The Pantheon.

I'm the one on the left, wearing my Rupert-head-sucking-alien hat, complete with googly eyes and little waggly tentacles. This was made by Timmerryn, or Rahball, who is posing in the middle wearing a purple 'Rah hat' with ears. On the right is Xmung, unashamedly looking normal compared to us. Bah! But tall people are important when it comes to hanging things on high walls.

You can just see some of Timmerryn's stuff on the table, cute little fluffy things, plus a little "eep!" hanging around her neck. This is because people see them and go "eep!" No, they really do. Check out her "Cre'atures" at her site. She also made me some adorable baby-Rupert finger puppets:

We adopted the name "Webcartoonists Anonymous", seeing as how we're all webcartoonists (that's how we met), but we were surprised at how many people, including print-comic artists, are completely unaware of webcomics. They must be educated!

We handed out our freebies (brochures, cards and bookmarks advertising our sites online), and on Friday night, we gave this stuff to John Rhys-Davies (Gimli from 'Lord of the Rings') without knowing who he was. He was amusingly dramatic and talked about "hard-working comic artists" as he examined our little printed bits and pieces. On Saturday, we looked at the Supanova brochure and found out who he was.

"Oops. That was Gimli, and we gave him all our crap."

Although, we suspect he was disappointed when we knew who he was on Saturday and waved at him.
I think he'd enjoyed our clueless attention.

We also saw Richard Hatch. I'm a Generation X gal, so I was a sucker for Richard Hatch, who was Apollo in the original Battlestar Galactica, and plays Tom Zarek in the new version. He was friendly.
I like that. I waved and said hello as he went by. He said hello to me. Ack! He said hello to me! Whee! ...ahem. Never mind.

Anyway, we sold a few comic books (except Xmung, who decided that selling nudie Loxie and Zoot comics would be a bad idea at a family-friendly con, and hasn't yet printed any Magellan).
Here's the cover of Zeera Volume #1:

(I'm now selling these books online! Go here.)

Across from our table was the University of Technology booth, trying to recruit people into their design and animation courses. This is significant, because I'm actually a lecturer for their Master of Animation course. I was tempted to go up there on Friday night when the booth was attended by someone who didn't know me, sign up as a potential interested student and see how far I got. But, I chickened out. I gave her a Zeera comic to read, so that she didn't go crazy watching her looping video. She finished it. Then bought it. Whee, my first sale!

I also had fun pulling my stretchy Rupert hat all the way down over my head and flopping the tentacles around when they were trying to talk to interested people. Luckily, I still have my teaching job, although they didn't introduce me as a lecturer when I was doing this. Huh.

Xmung decided to look less normal for this photo, joining in with one of Timmerryn's fluffy creations on his head. And although that's not actually Xmung's real hair, there was a woman wandering around who had hair exactly like that multi-coloured thingy. No, seriously. Would I lie to you?

We were lucky enough to bump into a couple of people who had actually heard of our comics, although these people tended to also be webcartoonists!

The three of us are already plotting for next year. If you're in Sydney next October,
look out for us at Supanova!

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