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Supanova 2006

I went to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney again, on 27th-29th October 2006.

Last year, I shared a table (Table Eeeeeee) in Artists' Alley with Xmung of Magellan and Loxie and Zoot,
and Rahball (formerly Timmerryn) of The Pantheon.

This year, we were pigs. We got ourselves TWO tables so that we had plenty of room to spread out all our crap. We were up and ready on Friday night, while the slackers next to us didn't stagger in until Saturday morning.

Rah was the absolute queen of retail over the weekend. I think she sold more than everyone else on Artists' Alley put together. Rah knows stuff. Like, "What do people like to buy?" Seriously, her furry table was a crowd magnet! Check out her stuff! Cre'atures.

I wore my Rupert hat again. It was made by Rah, and a lot of people kept asking about it. We're seriously going to have to sell them next year. Anyway, here's the obligatory shot of me, Rah and Xmung. Xmung wore his own hat this year, so that we couldn't force him to wear silly colourful things, like last time.

We got ourselves a proper sign this year, officially calling ourselves "Webcartoonists Anonymous". We figured that most people have never heard of us, OR this new-fangled thing called "The Internet". Plus, it sounds like an addiction in need of a cure. I think that's pretty accurate.

It still amazes me how print comic artists won't go on the web, or haven't thought about it. Many of the other "indie" artists are happy to sell a handful of copies of their comic at a convention like this, and sell a few through comic shops, while Zeera gets 100-200 unique visitors every day (and it's only a weekly), and Magellan gets a couple of thousand. Print people are crazy.

Okay, I don't have a lot of photos, but I'm lazy when it comes to cameras. So you'll just have to believe me when I say that there were two fantastic Bender costumes at Supanova, an army of realistic stormtroopers (one kept cruising by on a Segway), and a woman who was Amidala on the Saturday and Professor McGonagall on the Sunday. I saw a security guard stop a Tuscan Raider on the way in to check that this weapon wasn't too sharp.
(A real Tuscan Raider wouldn't stand for that!)

I saw Summer Glau of "Serenity" and Clare Kramer who played Glory in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Both of them were fun, especially Clare, who is very outgoing and just seems to like people. (Apparently she wasn't mean to her minions in real life.) On my way to see Summer, I followed a small group of guys who'd just been to MacDonald's, and fashioned outfits (I use the term very loosely) out of the takeaway bags. Basically, they wrote "Ewok" on their bags, put the bags over their heads, and tore little windows in the front to see through. They stood at the back of Summer's talk session. Someone asked Summer, "What's the weirdest fan experience you've ever had?" Just at that moment she looked up, and saw the small army of McEwoks. She said, "What... am I looking at?"


If you want loads of crazy Supanova photos, you can find them here.

Sydney Olympic Park was a nice venue with plenty of space, but I kind of miss having so much within view of our table like last time. Last year, we could see the main stage so we could check out the cosplay and a lot of guest speakers. This year, I was more interested in staying at my table and flogging Zeera comics to people before they could get away. I sold 19 books this year, and handed out 300 flyers (I'm hoping they know what an "Internet" is, and look up Zeera online). And I met a couple of definite "repeat customers" who bought Volume #1 last year, and came back for Volume #2. That always gives me warm fuzzies. :-)

I'll certainly be at Supanova again next year, so if you're in Sydney in October of 2007, toodle on down and say hello! Oh, the books are much cheaper, too!

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