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Supanova 2007

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney was on 12th-14th October 2007,
and naturally I was there with the usual suspects in Artists' Alley:
Xmung of Magellan and Loxie and Zoot, and Rahball of The Pantheon (and her dude, Fuzzy).

There's nothing like meeting people who have heard of your comic!
Except perhaps, flogging lots of books. Money or flattery, money or flattery? I'll take BOTH!

Of course, a lot of people had heard of my comic because they'd been there
the year before. I get warm fuzzies when the same people come up and buy the
next edition. I'm also happy that nobody came up and punched me in the arm due
to hating my comic, but hey, Zeera's pretty inoffensive. (For shame.)

Group shot! Alas, a little blurry, but maybe that brings out our best features.

Obligatory table shot (can you spot Rah?):

Xmung and I had a contest over who had the most readers at the con.
After he discovered that more people who came to our table had heard
of Zeera than had heard of Magellan, he decided to rally his friends from
Webcomics Nation to rub my nose in the fact that I'm not a member.
Ha ha! Yes, so there I am, behind the camera, taking this photo of the
Webcomics Nation folks at Supanova.

All good fun.

Guest-wise, my favourites were Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy)
who was absolutely hilarious, and Nicki Clyne (Cally from Battlestar Galactica).
She's sweet. I'm a big fan of both shows.

Oh, and there was the Flash Gordon dude who's apparently also in Stargate SG-1.
Hmm. If ever I become a celebrity and go to cons, I think the most horrible
thing would be to sit at a signing desk looking hopefully at passers by for
attention. I mean... I'd rather be a nobody sitting behind a table laden with
comic books, doing a happy dance every time somebody bought a book.
I think I did about 19 happy dances this time around.

Anyway, shocking news: I took photos of people's costumes! I didn't want to run
around taking one hundred photos of costumes I wasn't that fussed about. I
saved my shots for the costumes that made me want to grab my camera and run out
from behind my table yelling "HHHHEEEEEYYYYY!!!" So, here's a montage.

My favourites included the Aussie Darth Vader (all in green and cold, with beer
cans in his utility belt), GIR from Invader Zim (he couldn't see out of his
costume but still insisted on hugs for all), and the three Princess Leahs (one
was female; she turned into a stormtrooper with a midriff before I could snap
her, but lucky me, I got the other two!). Oh, and I'm a sucker for a guy in a
lion suit. What can I say? Actually, I should say nothing.

Oh, and Jack Sparrow... What a dish! Rowr!

That's all, folks! Next Supanova is happening at the end of June 2008.
What does that mean for you? Well, I'm going to have to get Zeera Volume #4 out sooner. Yay!

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