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Supanova 2009

Nineteen books!

Can anybody tell me why, every year at Supanova, that I sell exactly nineteen books?

Anyway. I sold nineteen Zeera comic books! And there were loads of nifty costumes! (photos below)

Obligatory table shot, featuring from left to right, Tim of The Dark Lord's Garden (warning: naughty!), that strange woman that does Zeera, Dave aka Fuzzy aka Tim's boyfriend, and Xmung of Magellan.

We actually did away with the "Webcartoonists Anonymous" identity, and went with Pantheon Comics,
Zeera and Magellan. Although, the sign-makers had trouble spelling Zeera. They first spelt it "Anine" for some reason. Hmm.

Itís a sad fact at Supanova that you are far more likely to sell paterpillars (which is how Tim pays for his table) than comic books. If youíre not selling books, then you need to at least get the word out that you exist. You know, on that big scary Internetty thing out there. You might have heard of it. (Iím convinced that many, many comic book readers have not. The ones who donít read web comics.)

I handed out a couple of hundred flyers with the Zeera URL on them. Many people graciously took my flyers, some actually screwed up their faces and refused them, and others completely ignored me as though I wasn't even there. Well, my friend Dr Comics said there was one consolation: at least it wasnít Dragon Con, where you can have many thousands of people ignoring you.

And thatís why the Internet is so nifty. Not only can readers surf the web for material they like to read, but they can do so at a safe distance from those creepy web comic creators.

Yeah, the Internet is where Zeera really happens. (Wave!) I primarily do Supanova in order to reach people who prefer things in print, and also to drool over celebrities like Dirk Benedict who finally made it out to Australia this year. For you young Ďuns, this guy was the original Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica. He really is a pilot. And a complete flirt. And four people bought books while I was away drooling over him *ahem*. And then after I returned to my table, nobody bought anything from me for the rest of the day. I think my buyers are up to some kind of conspiracy.

Anyway! Funny costume shots!

Look out! It's the amazing...
Wii Man!
Balloon Dress Lady! So many questions... Especially "How did she get into this thing?" And yes, all those balloons are real. Wolf man! The jaw moves when he talks, making him look like a really expressive puppet, which is cute and slightly creepy at the same time. His flatmates: one creates prosthetics for movies, and the other makes costumes.
The Tetris Crew! There were three of them, but unfortunately the Saturday morning crush made it impossible to get a good shot. However, I did capture the happy moment of one block discovering that he fit perfectly on a square Supanova bin.
This is exactly how I remember Dr Who. Even down to the orange socks. Giggly zombie nurses (their older sister prevented them from running into things). Best. Harlequin. Ever.
Amazing Ghostbusters! And absolutely astounding equipment,
even down to the ghost traps.
Super scary Borg.
It's just not Supanova without Lion Guy. Woo! Hooray for Dr Horrible!
It's Rorschach!
And... friend.
He has his hand in a box.
A box labelled "Naughty Girl".
Nuff said.

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