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Supanova 2011


See that weird-looking spiky-headed maggot puppet on the right of the table? That's Charlie, a giant puppet that I made for TAFE two years ago. When you're going to Supanova and you happen to have a giant maggot puppet just lying around the place, why not bring him along? He drew a lot of attention, was photographed to within an inch of his life, scared many small children, and... he was EVEN ON TV.

This is the TV Supanova coverage. Charlie is on there very briefly at 2:46. You know, I have never been on TV, but my freakin' PUPPET has! Oh well, he is the looker.

He also gets all the girls. Including Tim's niece. But... He's just so huggable!

Anyway, giant-spiky-maggot-attention-whores aside, it was a GREAT Supanova with an unbelievable crush of people and a heap of amazing costumes. I got to see Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse) and James Marsters (Buffy, Angel). James was particularly awesome and funny. I didn't realise he actually had a band called 'Ghost of the Robot'.

I also gave away 450 mini Zeera comics (I ran out), sold a record 27 books and also two of my warm fuzzy Rupert-the-head-sucking-alien hats.

But enough of that! Time for photos!

Best. Costume. Ever. Charlie meets GIR.

Charlie witnesses a conspiracy between a dalek and a Gallifreyan
Scary angels from Dr Who! Whatever you do... Don't look away.
Alien vs Predator vs... plushies! Seriously amazing costumes.

Meet the REAL Aeon Flux.

I found Wally! He's with Catwoman. Night Owl

Batman hanging out with villains

Shiny Harlequin Kick Ass!
Hooray! Hooray for... whatever the hell this is. Lion guy is now a furry grey dragon.

Oh, wouldn't you know it? Charlie has to go get into a fight...

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