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Supanova 2012

2012! The year of the last Zeera book!

This year I collected ALL the Zeera comics into one very slick full colour digest.


Itís only when you flip through a book of this size that it actually hits you: this is a mind boggling amount of work.
(And thatís not counting the extra three weeks I spent resetting all the text to make it larger and sharper.)

Anyway, it is a really nice book. (You should definitely buy one.)

I sold them at this yearís Sydney Supanova alongside the single books, CDs with a PDF of the digest, and my head sucking alien hats (now in hot pink and royal purple as well as garish orange!)

Setting up for the convention this year was complicated by a hunting expo next door. By that, I mean that there was more traffic, and that we had concerns for a young woman who went in there by mistake instead of Supanova, because she was wearing a small fluffy yellow chicken on her head. I think sheís still with us.


This year was a Supanova debut for Sarah Ellerton of Inverloch, Phoenix Requiem and Dreamless (and now, Finding Gossamyr). On both days, she sold out of her totally awesome books, which is great to hear!

Supanova guests included John Viener of Family Guy (he was okay), Christopher Lloyd (the place was absolutely packed, but when he came out, it was clear that he wasnít comfortable with a huge adoring crowd and he ended up mumbling answers to peopleís questions), and Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica.

Tricia was freaking awesome, talking about how she got into the acting gig after growing up on a farm in Canada, and sharing funny rude stories of what she and James Callis (Boltar) got up to on set that didnít make it onto camera.

Also this year, I gave away Charlie.

Charlie is a cool beast and he involved a lot of work, but it was time to move on. He certainly got a lot of WTF expressions from people and was heavily photographed. And it was fun sneaking him up on people who werenít paying attention.

A nice lady took a shine to Charlie and now he is happily living with some young photographers. I am pretty sure that this is Charlieís dream come true, beginning his professional modelling career.

Anyway, photo time!

Xmung's nephew being creepy. A Jawa!

Kiiiss meeee.
Axe Cop and Dr McNinja! Three badasses.

A place to change! Monkey magic!

Pure. Gold.
Tiger lady, very graceful. Mr Fox is back!


GIR is back! Greeting Charlie.

Daphne and Fred. Grunts!
Uh oh, this looks like a bad neighbourhood.

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