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Supanova 2013

Obligatory table shot:

Supanova 2013! Holy cow, this is my NINTH Supanova. Zeera finished three years ago. I'm starting to feel a little long in the tooth!

This year we were graced by Alan Tudyk's presence. He's an awesome and funny guy. Apparently you pronounce his name "two-dick", although he said that "two-dyke sounds more interesting". He's still crazily popular, even though Firely finished ten years ago. Aw, but how can anyone stop loving him?

I am a complete fool for missing Richard Horvitz of Invader Zim (luckily for me, I can see him on Youtube, and my friends told me what was going on in there...) The guy is freakin' hilarious. A woman had a stuffed pigeon on her head. He saw her and shouted "head pigeons!" and the two of them cooed at each other for a few seconds before she asked her question.

I just love the whole atmosphere of Supanova. I love seeing people get creative with their costumes, and many people clearly put in a lot of effort. I usually stay behind my table and snap a photo when a particularly awesome cosplayer walks by.

My confession: I'm a Loki fan girl.

DON'T JUDGE ME! Oh fine, go ahead. I know that you are just hiding your own secret love for Loki. *ahem*

Anyway, check out my awesome photos! Many thanks to all the amazing people who make this happen every year. Even the cold and wet weather didn't stop the crush!

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