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Supanova 2014


Oh wow, seriously! This was my TENTH Sydney Supanova! I've been an exhibitor every year since 2005!

I was very privileged to share a table this year with the amazing Sarah Ellerton of Finding Gossamyr, Inverloch, Phoenix Requiem and Dreamless.

(Left to right: Sarah Ellerton, Grace Crowley and that weird woman what did Zeera an' stuff.)

Since Zeera finished a little while ago, I wanted something new to sell for this year. I dusted off a previously published short story and added black and white illustrations, then got it printed by the awesome Doug Affleck of Comic Books on Demand. The Pique of Death is a seriously pretty book! Check it out here!

This year, Sydney Supanova took up almost the entire exhibition area in Olympic Park; one more hall and then we've got the whole thing! There was a crazy number of people there (it's much easier to live behind a table and only venture out on occasion), but still chock full of the usual cheer and incredible costumes.

I managed to ogle John Barrowman (incredibly funny and rude!), Jamie Bamber, and Terry Molloy (who played Davros, and sent chills down our spines when he did the voice).

Anyway, costumes!

Three days of Supanova came to a close, and I felt sad when it was time to go...
(Those are all Sarah's empty book boxes!!)

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