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Supanova 2015


(Last year was my tenth Supanova. This year is ten years. Yay! Or something.)

Once again, I shared a table with the very talented Sarah Ellerton of Finding Gossamyr, Inverloch, Phoenix Requiem and Dreamless. (she's da chick onna right)

I saw the face of god:

I donned some blue cat ears (yeah, pissweak cosplay!) but I did meet a friendly furry!

This year, finally, Sydney Supanova managed to fill the entire Olympic park exhibition centre. Woo! Although, if it keeps getting bigger, it's going to spill everywhere. Could be messy?

I spend most of my time behind the table scaring customers and attempting to flog my stuff, but I do go and ogle celebrities sometimes. This year we were graced with the presence of Nathan Fillion (squee!), Billy West and John DiMaggio. Voice actors are HEAPS of fun, and although John did sing the "bacon pancakes" song for us, I wonder how much he hates it. Oh well, we'll keep asking him while he obliges.

Okay, time for some pho--

NO, I do NOT have a Loki fixation. Why would you say that?
See, I have a heap of photos below that are specifically NOT Loki! Ha!

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