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Supanova 2016

Last Zeera Supanova!

Oh my, really? Well, it's time to move on!

Obligatory table shots! I had the table to myself this year, but was neighbours with
the amazing writer Patty Jansen (you can see her elbow).

See those cunning red crosses on the wall? I was trying to sell off the last couple of single Zeera volumes. Now that I have the big, complete book, I'm not reprinting the little books. I was hoping scarcity would drive sales...

I sold one!

Oh well. One must try.

I'm working on my first fantasy graphic novel and I'm determined to get this thing finished in time for Supanova next year, and then I won't be going by 'Zeera the Space Pirate' anymore. I'll be Indigo Puma.
I have big plans to create and print a number of graphic novels, and novels. Big plans.

So much work.

Anyway, highlights at this year's Sydney Supanova were seeing James Marsters and Juliet Landau of Buffy fame! They're both awesome and funny people.

And now, obligatory Loki pics!

Look out, it's inflatable man!

And now, everything else!

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