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Zeera's 7th Birthday, 2008 + Contributors!

The dangers of one-upmanship...

Talk Like a Pirate Day Party!

Our first wonderful birthday contribution comes from Will Ritter of
Legends (a side-comic of Cat Legend). Go check out his excellent work!

Isuki is in da house! Isuki of Tehuti and Michiko Monogatari never misses a Zeera party,
and she's created this most excellent piece with a mean-looking on-the-run Meeka!

Roman Wunderlich of the incredible The B-Movie Comic slays me with his talent.
He draws my characters the way I wish I could! Enjoy this hilarious offering,
then go check out his very funny comic!

Tom Truszkowski of Station V3 cracks me up with this one!

Now, how could there be a Zeera party without the wonderful Robert Cook
of the hilarious Mansion of E? He brought cake! And piracy!
And... and... he promises ice cream!

This humorous comic was brought to you by the illustrious Tiffany
of the beautifully-rendered Between Places.

This very funny cross-over between Zeera's crew and the cast of
The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob was brought to you by Jim Cleaveland!

This conspiracy was brought to you by Monika!

This awkward moment was brought to you by Christoph!

And... a big thank you to all the contributors!

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