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Guest Comics and Fan Art
FAN ART - Fabulous artwork sent to Zeera

The Fabulous 2008 Dubious Dialogue Contest Entries!

Guest Comics
Zeera naked! Xmung of Loxie and Zoot (a comic about a naturist resort) brings us a wickedly funny comic about how Zeera comes to lose her clothes...
Sprout pie Dan York sent in this very special number for Zeera's second birthday. So special in fact, I've put it on its own page! Dan loves fart jokes. He loves fart jokes. You have been warned.
Altered Zeera Dan York created this masterpiece for Zeera's 6th birthday. Prepare for... Altered Zeera, from another dimension!
The Alternative Zeera Ben Peek brings you this "alternative Zeera" storyline, where "Zeera the Space Pirate" is actually just a B-grade science fiction series. Great stuff!
Zeera meets Battlestar Galactica Roman Wunderlich of the fabulous The B-Movie Comic knew I was a fan of Battlestar Galactica (both old and new), so he decided to put Zeera aboard!
Zeera the Hitchhiker For Zeera's 6th birthday, Monika sent in her guest comic, "Zeera the Hitchhiker". Watch very closely..!

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My fan art
My Fan Art - Fan art and guest comics I've created for other people.

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