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The Beginning - Uh?
The Crew - Crews always hang out in bars. Why is that?
The Ship - Why you should paint your hand-me-down.
Cooking - And why you should treat your head woman with respect.
A Robbery - Really?
Toilet Humour - (I grew up with brothers.)
A Real Robbery - Honestly?
Kaligula - The biggest, baddest pirate in the galaxy.
Planet Amazon
Zeera's Home - And why you should take the garbage out before you go.
Zeera Hits Puberty - Boob jokes aplenty!
Sunnies - Prescription? No?
Camouflage! - Watch your step.
Kaligula Returns
On the Run
Pirate Accessories - Robbery? Who?
Shoulder Parrot
Rupert Jokes - Fun with a head-sucking alien.
Afraid of Crime
Planet Man-Azon
Breeding - Zeera loses her PG rating. Woot!
New Macho Zeera
Runaway Princess
50,000 Ullargra - Yep, 50,000 of the little head-suckers.
Zeera's Story - Her childhood and why she became a pirate.
Space Cop! - Zeera tries out a new vocation.
Poik's Rescue - Escaping from harsh reality.
Pirate Training - Meet Zeera's greatest fear.
Amateur Pirates - Everyone has to start somewhere.
High School Reunion - Sweet, sweet revenge.
Completing the Team - It's good to have a crew again!
Saving Face - How to regain your reputation for fun and profit.
Ebediah Strikes Back - When you get on the wrong side of a bent cop...
Saving Loved Ones - Zeera and crew to the rescue!
Getting Established - Time to take this pirate thingy seriously.

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